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The Bulldozer Sessions Vol. 1 is a collection of songs that I have written mainly for the purpose of having someone else cover (record) and put on their record. My soundman John Graves, from a few years back called me a “bulldozer” when I work in the studio. He‘s right, I tend to know what I want and dig ‘till it’s done. Getting artists to cover songs takes time. I’m not a very patient person, and I’ve had too many people ask if they could have a copy of the demos because they liked the songs. So I went back and looked at what I have and picked the first batch of songs. Why thirteen songs? No reason. I’m not scared of the number 13. I wanted to do this quick and easy (I usually don’t do anything quick and easy), so I re-recorded some of the 13, added, took out things from others, and mastered (roughly) the songs to make them what they are now. I like it. Here’s an overview of the songs and a bit of history to go with them. Liner notes if you will.

1) Slow “I am stumbling down this long and dirty road, jukebox playing in my head” We all like to be organized and plan things in life, but aren’t we all just stumbling down the road we’re on, with music swilling around in our brains? This song was written in my head years ago. It’s about feeling peace, being cool with our surroundings, and, or about what it might feel like to die. Dying does cross my mind, as well as yours right? I like the space in this one, and the end where it all goes away except the “angels”, which is all guitars by the way. One of my favorites.

2) Experience I knew a girl who was heavily involved in AA (alcoholics anonymous) and she used to say these cool sayings that are used in the program. Not a lot of lyrics in this one but a whole lot of message. I like the frustration in this one. Tense. And yes, that is my Talia and Tommy doing the break near the end. Cheers!

3) Things Will Get Better I keep an “ideas” catalogue, weather it be a tape recorder, digital recorder, or now the iphone voice notes app. I spit out all ideas that come and play in my head, and then I go back and listen later and catalogue the ideas. Things will get better was always “Things Will Get Better”, and got a * in the catalogue, which means it’s a good one. The words, and music were there when I listened back to the idea. It was the deep feeling and sentiment of both the theme and music that would not let me forget it. Then one day the mood was right and I finished the song. It reminds me of a classic 70’s type of song. This one is most people’s favorite. It does get me in the belly.

4) Mirrors (made the child) I wrote this one about my son Tommy. It is simply about how children are a reflection of their parents, physically, mentally, and spiritually, for their whole lives. My Faces influences come out a bit in this one musically. I wish everyone had the tools to be good parents.

5) Almost Midnight This is a tongue in cheek look at how temporary “permanent” relationships seem to be these days, or the obvious group of guys (or girls) at the bar and a guy (or girl) sees the girl (or guy), his (or her) friends say she’s too good for you, he goes for it, it’s now almost midnight and they’re still together. Wadda ya know!

6) Cellophane The title “Cellophane” has been bouncing around in my jukebox head for at least 15 years. At first it was going to be about a street person and how they might feel invisible as the multitudes of people walk by them without even an acknowledgement. The world is a hard place sometimes. I feel wonderful about giving a buck or two to people like this as none of us are to far away from the street. Anyway, I didn’t find the correct feel musically for that theme so my being the raggedy romantic I am, the theme of being so in love and so open and truthful to someone, brought the music home wonderfully. Very vulnerable. Not surprisingly, guys like this one the most it seems. This one is my favorite.

7) If I Don’t Ahh… single? How many times have you seen someone and just wanted so bad to just get up the guts to just say hi? I don’t know about you but it’s hard to do, and if you don’t, you might regret it for the rest of your life.

8) On An Ordinary Night The melody was one that wouldn’t go away for me but I didn’t feel good about any of the lyrics I had done so I asked Finest Music writer Alan Miller to assist. He brought it home nicely. “Just a trace, of the taste, of your kiss, has lifted me to this, extraordinary height, on and ordinary night”. Love that line.

9) From Above I had this theme bouncing around in my head, a song about watching over your own funeral. I told Alan Miller about it and we finished it. A beautiful song in an eerie way.

10) Again Alan and I were on a roll and we put this one together in a hotel room in Nashville. Alan is great at bending and twisting words. It’s simply about trying to get back together with someone. “We should’a known better than to ever fall in love again”. Duhh.

11) Only You This one is about how people can become so dependant emotionally on one another, and the feeling of hopelessness that overwhelms one of them when there is a break up. It can be a burden for someone when they are away to know that their partner is just waiting at home for them and they have nothing else.

12) Right Now I wrote this one in a hotel room in Modesto Ca. after Eddie asked me to write some stuff and work with his daughter Jessie. It’s a fun, pop, rock, hit about modern love.

13) Really Me The flagship song for over worked, stressed out, unappreciated, and as a result, angry people who find them selves waking up after a tiff, looking in the mirror and realizing that they have become something that they are really not.