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Even though this project is available at Itunes, Napster, CDBABY and other e-music sites, please consider buying straight from this site as a larger donation can be made to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for each unit sold and you will receive your CD quicker!


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to
ride on a dragonfly’s back?

You’ll fly like a plane,
but with saddles and reins,
you’ll sit like you’re riding a horse.
Oh, the buzz of their wings
leaves no doubt about things,
you’re flying a dragon, of course!

“Dragonflies” is just one of 12 songs from GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT. Other songs invite children to take a tour of the world under their feet with “Worms,” or feel the comfort of “Your Favorite Blanket” and chirp with the crickets in “Listen”. The song “When I Grow Up” will melt your heart and has represented Florida in a national contest.

GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT is a collection of fun songs and lullabies for kids, from newborn up to ages 9 or 10. I wrote them to sing to my kids at night and thought that you might like them as well. As it turns out, kids love it! I’m thankful for that. The songs have been done for a while now but a book author heard the songs and said; “this should be a book!” So I put the CD on hold for a year or so to check into that. I now have a book agent in N.Y. (a big one too) and we are shopping stories from GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT, and some other stories I have done in the meantime. I’m thankful for that as well. This is also where “Mr. Tommy” came in to existence, a symbol that would be attached to my songs and stories. The book world moves very slowly however and I don’t, so we decided to release the CD before any books. I’ll keep you posted on any progress.

When I first started recording the CD, I was looking for an artist. I worked with a few artists that were great, but it just didn’t match up with what I had in my mind. So, one day at my son’s baseball game, there was a guy sitting at a card table, airbrushing kids names on magnetic baseballs for five bucks a pop. I noticed his business card, a beautiful, magical, modern image of an ant, exactly what I needed. To make a long story short, the images you see are done by Doug Wright. A very talented artist. I am thankful for him.

I am making a donation to the Pediatric Cancer Foundation for every CD sold. I am thankful for being able to do that as well.

If you have kids, I do hope you take the time to get “GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT”. I know you and your kids will love it for years to come. Thanks, Tommy.